Loren Carter

Personal Trainer

Meet Loren, an experienced personal trainer with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals. Known for her high-energy, bubbly personality and ability to make even the toughest workouts fun and enjoyable, Loren has been in the fitness industry for over 6 years. She has a background in competitive swimming and triathlons, but had to retire early due to injury, which sparked her love for the gym. In 2016, she obtained her PT certifications and swim coach accreditation, and has since worked as a Strength and Conditioning coach for WSU for 4 years and Junior Metro North West Swimming in 2017/18. Loren has a passion for sport-specific training and working with young athletes to help them reach their goals. She believes that the key to successful fitness is finding a routine that is both effective and enjoyable for the individual, and she strives to create a positive, motivating environment for all of her clients. Book a session with Loren today and let her help you on your fitness journey.

Strength and Conditioning Training

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